Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Other Babies

I miss my nephews so much. I once dreamed we spent a whole day together. Playing and goofing around. If I didn't have a family yet it would probably be possible.  I took care of them when they were babies. I'd love for it all to happen again. It was pure joy. In my heart, I still call them my babies. Even if they only recognize one auntie. Even if it's announced time and time again who their favorite tita is.  Oo, bittter ako. Inggit ako. Masama ba? Mahal ko sila e. Kebs mo.

Fingers crossed, I'll get to spend more time with them when they come home to the Philippines for school. Tingnan natin. Sana payagan ako.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't.

I'd give away everything I had if it meant having a close relationship with my brothers and sisters-in-law; for my nephews and niece to know who I am and that I love them so much as if they were my own children. I'd settle with a simple and humble life just so I could have back how things were before.  I am not one to ask for things. More often than  not, they are given to me.  Though I know I am lucky, I'd do away with it all to have what we used to have. 

The last time I saw my brother, he only said one word to me. "Why?" It was about  a cousin or a neighbor I think. Most painful New Year ever. It was awkward, quiet, and forced. Nothing real about it. And I don't even know what I did wrong at the time.  * very very long sigh * 

Friday, August 13, 2010

a little inspiration

I know I promised to tell you my son's birth story in my next post but I just don't have the time nor interest to write about it. Anyway. Maybe I need a little inspiration. I was chatting with Abba when the subject came up.

Abba: i'm thinking of new banner for my blog
Yoshie: ako rin
Yoshie: ay mali
Yoshie: think of a new banner for my blog
Yoshie: you do it
Abba: lol
Abba: ano ba gusto mo?
Yoshie: di ko alam
Yoshie: hahaha
Abba: but you're so tamad to blog!
Yoshie: i know
Yoshie: lol
Yoshie: malay mo
Yoshie: ganahan ako
Abba: lol
Abba: for you it's just gonna be all white
Abba: tapos
Abba: nakalagay sa gitna
Abba: yoshieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Abba: heheheh
Abba: ahhaha
Abba: liit pa
Abba: tapos black lang
Abba: lol
Yoshie: am i that boring?
Yoshie: or insignificant?
Yoshie: or little?
Yoshie: or plain?
Yoshie: hahaha
Abba: hahahha
Abba: plain

But seriously Abba, my blog needs a new look. It never had a look to begin with. Crap it's just one of the Blogger templates. Isip tayo. Este isip ka. lol. Excited na ko! Sige na. Baka nga ganahan ako mag blog lagi. Maybe then you'll stop bugging me.

Ok. So, for my next post, i absolutely promise to introduce you to my son Ty, how we came up with his name at the last minute, and his birth story. Promise. Promise. Promise.

The End.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yoshie...eee's Back.

Yesterday I came across a friend's new blog and remembered what it was like when I first started blogging -- how excited I was each day to post an entry even if it was just some cute funny pictures of my twin nephews; how I enjoyed writing and photo blogging so much. Today, as I rock my baby boy to sleep in his bouncing chair, I finally get the urge to blog. So here I am, sitting on the floor with my laptop, next to my baby boy who is finally sound asleep (morning nap). I realize it has been close to 11 months since I last updated this thing to tell everyone that I was 7 weeks pregnant with my first child. Even Abba was bugging me to go back to blogging even if it was just to talk about the most boring thing. "Just make it sound interesting", she says. I wish I had blogged regularly during my pregnancy so I could go back and remember how much I enjoyed those 3 trimesters. Boy did you guys miss out on a lot. I'm pretending I have a lot of followers of this blog even though it's limited to 2 people. Abba & Russ. And at this time even they're too busy to even surf the net for a little socializing. lol. has everything been since I was last here? Absolutely wonderful. I had a really easy pregnancy. No morning sickness whatsoever. Lucky lucky me. The only thing I needed to eat nearly everyday was easy to find - oranges, ponkans, kiat-kiats, Berry Orange juice. Remember that threatened abortion thingy? Well it wasn't anything like that. It was just a mild infection which was easily treated. Found that out when I switched OB's. Which I'm glad I did. I definitely felt more secure when I switched to my sister-in-law's OB. She took great care of me and everything went smooth sailing for the remaining 2 trimesters (I'll tell you my birth story in my next post).

I got a surprise baby shower from my officemates right before I went on maternity leave. My Team Spain babies rock. They connived with my husband. They had to. I was already giving them a hard time keeping it a surprise. But still, it was a success. My dream spa bridal shower came true in the form of a nail spa baby shower. I was punked at Posh Nails in Ali Mall, Cubao. They reserved the entire salon. A manicure, pedicure and a little bit of massaging was just what I needed. And every single gift came to good use. That's because i asked for them. I so love wish lists. lol.

The Team Spain girls after all the nail pampering.

Right now, I've resigned from work to become a full time mom to my baby and to concentrate on a sewing business my mother and I will be setting up.

Man do we have a lot of catching up to do. Thing is, my time's up for this post. Ty's awake and hungry. Laters!!!! Til his next nap!

So good to be back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7 weeks

Thursday & Friday morning, July 9 and 10: After 2 home pregnancy tests, I find out that I am pregnant. Yey!

Monday, July 13, 2009: I go for a check up. 7 weeks pregnant! Can you believe it! Almost 2 months already! I'm due February 25. What blew me away even more was to hear our baby's heartbeat when I had my first ultrasound. Never saw it coming. All I could do was smile. Like a little kid hearing a voice on the telephone. lol. Too bad Ron was outside in the hallway. Next time I have an ultrasound I'm gonna ask for him to go with me. But I think for Ron, seeing the pics of the ultrasound was enough for the time being. I swear he was gonna break up in tears. My big baby. lol. Here's our first view of my real baby. My Little One:

For now, I'm resting for the week. May have been threatened abortion. Or maybe not. Either way, it won't hurt to be extra careful. Pray that we're healthy! Mwah!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back again

So I just finished watching Game 4 of the Cavs-Magic playoffs. Cavs lost. Bummer. It was a pretty good game though. I lost a few breaths and my heart skipped a couple of beats. lol. Anyways, man has it been a while since I visited my blog. The last time I posted was last year only by force (thanks Nestlee. lol.).

So in a nutshell:
  • I am now Mrs. Ronnie Reyes. I keep forgetting that I have a new surname. lol. Jocelyn A. Reyes. I still need to say if over and over. lol.
  • I've reached 1 year of working at my current job. Achievement? lol.
  • I've gained weight since the wedding. A lot of it.
  • No, I'm not pregnant yet.
  • I'm addicted to nail polish especially shades of red (and I've infected my team mates)
  • I need to lose weight. again. lol.
  • And, I just got a new hair cut.

Contrary to this picture, we are happily married. lol.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jillian Iyanna Arellano (JIA)

I forgot that I wrote this and saved it as a draft. Better late than never!


Born on July 8, 2008. Despite lacking sleep from the night before and coming straight from work, I just had to be there when Jia was born. I made it in time to hold Flor's hand and wish her luck. Though nervous and scared, she was quite the opposite in the video.

Ok, so now after watching the vid, don't you think Jia has an amazing set of lungs? Holy cow. We could hear her testing her vocal chords while she was in the nursery and we were outside waiting for them to show us. Note: the nursery is supposed to be sound proof. lol.

That was Jia then. Here she is after she's air dried. lol. (around 6 months ++ old)


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blogging by Force

I'm posting these pics because Nestlee is forcing me to. She claims she needs a "pampasaya". I think I should rename this blog to Holiday's and Hunter's Blog. lol. Can't blame you though Nes. They're adorable as can be. Hope this makes your day!

Here are the twins on their regular "walking" training one afternoon.

Holiday...the braver one
(or probably just has more patience & perseverance) lol.

Oops! Steady....steady..... (5 minutes earlier)

Hunter...5 minutes later. lol. "I'd rather count my fingers. It's less tiring."

the twins with Mum and Dad

Holiday showing off

Hunter & Mum

Hunter at the beach in his surf suit

Cheers!!! Big EarSsssszzzzz!!!!


dare I say it comes from my side of the family?

Today, Holiday's walking on his own. A little wobbly but getting more and more confident. Hunter on the other hand would still rather crawl. He's got an amazing appetite. Won't pass on anything. lol. They said his legs can't carry the weight. lol. Hurry up kids! Pano sa wedding ko!!!